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Executive Summary

EVA corresponds to a suite of solutions Giftcard oriented retail industry. Through this solution you can create, manage and maintain Giftcard end to companies that want to provide incentives to their employees customers.

  • EVA People simplify and streamline gifts, delivering a card to the recipient so you can choose the product or service to be acquired.
  • EVA Enterprise enables companies to give as a gift to replace traditional physical products.
  • EVA SUITE includes a series of modules that allow: the management of companies, agreements, cards, printing, plastics, issuing invoices, credit notes, modules query and reporting.

Our Goal: Improve the quality of customer service through additional services and gift card for individuals or businesses.

Our Market: Department Stores.

Features Benefit
Aimed at individual or company. Flexible.
Store integrated system as a form of payment. Easy to use.
Enquiry: check balance, active card, expired, blocked, restrictions, etc. Greater control
  • Authorization: Check restrictions par amount authorized use of the card.
  • Confirmation of sale: the available card balance is lowered.
  • Rechargeable.


  • Country: Chile
  • Format: Hipermarkets (Jumbo, Easy, Paris)
  • Sud-América

    Santiago - Chile
    1305 Fernando Lazcano Str.
    San Miguel
    Fono (56-2) 713 24 00

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  • Norte / Centro América

    Miami - EEUU
    7900 Oak Lane, suite 400 Miami Lakes FL, 33016 / Fono: 786-456-5243

    Bogota - Colombia
    137 #128 B - 01
    Interior 163 Str.
    Fono (57-1) 460 27 40

    México DF - México
    Calle Enrique Rebsamen 922, Narvarte Fono: +52 (55) 50 88 02 67
    Cel (55) 62 12 58 13

    Costa Rica
    Centro Corporativo Plaza Roble,
    edificio Las Terrazas 5 piso.
    Fono: +506 2201 1566

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    Fort Myers - EEUU
    3210 Shady bend Ft. Myers, FL 33905
    Connie Driscoll Associates

    Surrey - Reino Unido
    2 Bourne Mill Business Park, Guidlford Road, Farnham